John Williamson
Von dem Album "Anthems" 2002

Benutzte Akkorde, ihr braucht ein Kapodaster auf dem 2. Bund

  Akkorde Shelter

Intro: G - D/F# - Em - C - D -G

Verse 1:
             G       D/F#       G
You can almost touch the ocean
                  C                 G
Shimmering in the distant haze,
           G              G/F#  Em
As you stand there on the mountain
           C                     D
On this loveliest day of days.
          G         D/F#             G
Round half the world you've drifted
Left no wild oats unsown,
       G           G/F#      Em
But now your view has shifted
        C                      D            G
And you think you've just come home.

Übergang:  G - D/F# - Em - C - D -G

Verse 2:
        G       D/F#               G
And you're drowning in the sunshine
        C                             G
As it pours down from the sky,
       G        D/F#                             Em
And there's something stirring in your heart
          C                     D
Bright colours fill your eyes.
     G                D/F#   G
As from here to the far horizon
Your beauty does unfold,
       G       D/F#       Em
And oh, you look so lovely
       C        D             G
Dressed in green and gold.

Solo: G - D/F# - Em - C - D - G - D/F# - Em - C - D -G

Verse 3:
          G            D/F#    G
To the homeless and the hungry
       C                       G
May we always open doors,
       G               D/F#    Em
May the restless and the weary
        C                           D
Find safe harbour on our shores.
        G              D/F#    G
May she always be our dreamtime place
Our spirit's glad release,
        G            D/F#    Em
May she always be our shelter
       C               D       G      G - D/F# - Em 
May we always live in peace.
       C               D       G
May we always live in peace.



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