Bad Penny

Rory Gallagher
Von dem Album "Top Priority" 1979
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Intro: Dm - F - C - Dm (4x)

Verse 1:
                  Dm          F    C                      Dm         
Well, like a bad penny you have turned up again,
Dm               F                     C              Dm
You're in my sights, there's a mist on my lens.
Dm                              F                C              Dm
I think you know how it was when I tripped and fell,
Dm                                F                     C                Dm   
Well, you double-dealed me, baby and I broke like a shell.

Übergang: Dm - F - C - Dm (2x)

Verse 2:
          Dm          F    C                      Dm   
Like a bad penny you've sure lost the glow
Dm               F                 C                      Dm
But I'm out of reach, your smile's sure gone cold.
Dm                     F           C     Dm
Well, it can't ever be like it was then,
Dm                                F                            C                  Dm
Well, don't you fool with me, baby, don't you mess with my plans.

Solo: Dm - F - C - Dm (4x)

C                         G C                                                  Bb            C
Some stormy nights, your memory haunts me, you won't go away.

Verse 3:
                  Dm          F            C                      Dm  
Well, like a bad penny you have turned up in the change,
Dm                    F                C                         Dm
Try to fit into the picture, you can't get inside the frame.
Dm                          F                 C              Dm
I think you know I'm still sore, but I'm on the mend,
Dm                   F                        C          Dm
Times sure have changed, it won't happen again.

Verse 4:
                 Dm          F        C                Dm  
Well, like a bad penny spins around and around,
Dm                                      F                            C          Dm  
Well, you won't know what's gone wrong when it all falls down,
Dm                           F              C                 Dm
You got to learn from now on to stop playing games,
Dm                            F                          C                Dm
You ought to keep on moving, you got to spin on your way.

C                       G C                                        Bb              C
Some lonely nights, I hear you calling, won't you go away?

Verse 5:
                  Dm          F    C                      Dm   
Well, like a bad penny you have turned up again,
Dm              F                     C  ,           Dm 
You're in my sights, there's a mist on my lens
Dm                              F                C               Dm 
I think you know how it was when I tripped and fell,
Dm                                      F          C                   Dm 
Well, you double-dealed me, baby, I cracked like a shell

Outro: Dm - F - C - Dm ......



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